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Saturday, January 12, 2013

A.      Identify the one underline word or pharase that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct!
1.       Next semester, Professor Husdon will teach both Psilosophy of Science and Education Management.
2.       The only students who were required to attend the informal meeting were Sarah, Tomy and I.
3.       One of presidential candidates talked as if he had been elected to the presidency
4.       I must have come for interview yesterday morning, but I had arrived late because of the traffic jam.
5.       The flag is risen in the morning and taken down at night by the Boy Scouts.
B.      The paragraph has some mistake. Find them and correct them !
The accident happened while I was cooking some friend bananas for my family in a cloudy afternoon. I put some oil into the pan and turn on the gas stove. Then, my little sister asked me for some fruit. While I was getting fruit for her, I fogot about the pan. When I came back to the stove, the pan was burnt and there was alot of smoke. I turned off the gas. Whwn I tried to pick up the pan, I burnt my hand. I immediately put my hand under the cold water. That was really an awful moment!

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